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Four Point Capital works diligently to understand the unique business and financial needs of each of its clients. We help small business create positive cash flow, accelerate growth rates and improve operations by developing customized financing programs using PAYgrow Payroll Finance.


We Propose A Credit Limit and Corresponding Float Period – Clients provide an application that details critical business financial information, management experience and asset equity. We provide a proposal with the amount of credit to be extended and the terms of payroll and hr services and finance fees.

We Establish Flexible Contract and Security Terms – We execute a simple contract that establishes our responsibilities to the client company, your payment terms and assets to be held as security.

We Assume Payroll Responsibilities For Your Company – Four Point HR provides a full service PEO payroll and human resources outsourcing product to meet back office needs. New clients can be set up to run within 7 days of receipt of employee information at any time during the year.

Clients Run Payroll And Pay On Terms – Clients report pay information. We provide detailed reporting along with checks online or via mail. Clients delay their payroll liability for 30 to 60 days depending upon the pre-established float period.

We Pay Employees and Payroll Related Taxes – Clients and their employees have improved security knowing that payroll is secure. We ensure that your important payroll tax obligations are met in a timely manner.

Clients Report Monthly Financial Condition Via The Web – Clients report their financial condition with a click of a button on a monthly basis through our web based platform that ties into any accounting software package. This process reduces the hassle of filling out monthly reports from traditional lenders.

A typical timeline follows:

  • Application package received from prospective client
  • Preliminary due diligence completed within 3 business days
  • Proposal generated including scope of service and fee structures associated with the payroll outsourcing and credit financing components of the relationship
  • Client accepts and remits fee for credit checks, background checks, and UCC searches required to verify applicant information
  • Upon confirmation of applicant information, client enrollment process begins within 1 week
  • Client set up to run payroll and begin the capitalization process within two weeks
  • Communication system established with regular telephone and email outreach and 24/7 Web portal access
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