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PAYgrow Payroll Funding

The inability to take advantage of opportunities for growth and expansion is a universal concern for many growing or undercapitalized businesses. Healthy businesses sometimes need a cash infusion and we recognize that many smaller companies are unable to secure funding from traditional lenders.

In response to this need, Four Point Capital has developed PAYgrow, an innovative funding mechanism that allows small businesses to increase working capital, improve cash flow, and take advantage of growth opportunities by turning their payroll expense into a predictable source of cash. PAYgrow can help your business unlock the cash held within your payroll cycle to take advantage of your growth opportunities. Every company has a predictable volume of payroll that is regularly recurring and varies directly with company growth. These conditions allow the conversion of this large liability into a source of capital and an innovative way to boost business.

All credit financing is secured with business collateral such as accounts receivable or inventory. Each client is evaluated on the strength of its asset base and the experience of its management. Payroll services are provided by Four Point Capital’s affiliate – Four Point HR.


  • Transforms A Business Liability Into An Asset – PAYgrow transforms a significant, recurring expense into a source of cash, thus providing improved business liquidity.
  • Injects Capital Via Normal Business Process – PAYgrow grows cash on hand in a predictable fashion with each pay period.
  • Creates A Cash Flow Source That Grows With You – PAYgrow grows available credit as business equity improves through profitable growth.
  • Maintains Stable Relationships – PAYgrow does not involve clients and critical suppliers.
  • Ends Your Search For A Lender – PAYgrow ends the never ending search for a responsive lending relationship in an environment where traditional deposit institutions have dramatically curbed their work with small to medium sized businesses.


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