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Frequently asked questions

How can the payroll process be a source of cash?
Payroll is among the largest expenses for most businesses. It is predictable in nature and directly related to growth.  PAYgrow turns the payroll process into a source of cash by allowing a business to pay for its payroll on terms of 30 to 60 days, delaying a recurring liability.  The size of the cash injection depends upon the length of the float period.
Is PAYgrow a Line of Credit?
PAYgrow works more like a short-term loan.  Your business establishes a 12-month contract with Four Point HR, LLC to provide a full payroll and human resources outsourcing solution.  This contractual relationship with Four Point Capital, LLC funds your payroll and associated costs such as taxes and benefits when they come due. Four Point Capital bills you a set term after the pay date.  You receive a cash infusion over the first 30 to 60 days of the relationship and use the cash to grow your business.  Assuming your payments are made without incident, you have the option to renew the credit at the end of 12 months or pay it off on terms consistent with payroll float period.
How does Four Point Capital underwrite
prospective clients?

Four Point Capital underwrites your business on the strength of your most liquid assets.  We determine the value and quality of your receivables and inventory, analyze your financial history, and get to know your management.  We then generate a proposal within three business days.  If you agree to the terms of the proposal, we commence a more detailed underwriting process to verify the accuracy of application information.
Do I give up control of my business
cash flow with PAYgrow?

No, Four Point Capital, LLC does not assume control over your customer payments.  We do establish an ownership of your receivables and allow you to manage your payments.  We reserve the right to take over the receivables should any payment to Four Point Capital, LLC not be made in full at the time of debit.
Does Four Point Capital inject itself into our customer relationships?
No. PAYgrow is a transparent product to your customers. 
Do I have to spend extra time providing reports to Four Point Capital?

We minimize the time spent on the administration process by allowing you to upload your financial information digitally one time each month.  This process provides us with the information that we need and provides your business the ability to run benchmarking reports against other companies in your industry to gain valuable insight into your financial performance.
How much does the PAYgrow payroll
finance product cost?

PAYgrow charges a simple finance fee of approximately 2% per month.  This fee does not include the payroll and human resources outsourcing fees from Four Point HR.  We have designed the product as an alternative to factoring and believe that it is attractively priced for the small business.
For how much credit can I qualify?
PAYgrow is designed for companies that require $10,000 to $50,000 in credit.
How quickly can I qualify?
Prospects should allow for approximately two weeks from the completion of an application for approval and beginning of the payroll process.  Therefore, if you need funding in a reasonable time frame, we can meet your needs.
Can I grow my business as a PAYgrow client?
PAYgrow is designed with the growth-oriented company in mind.  We establish a credit limit and payroll float period that will not change for 90 days.  Should you require an increase, we will review your financials to make a determination.


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